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Website Builder Free Trial Information
No credit card is required to sign-up, just enter your name and email address so we can send you a copy of your website builder login information. You can login to the site builder right away and start building your website. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the website builder. If you decide not to purchase the site builder and activate your trial account, it will simply expire and the web pages that you created will be deleted when the 10 day trial period ends. Due to the nature of the application, the file upload and photo album features can only be activated once the website builder has been purchased..
To activate your trial account and publish your web pages on the Internet:
You will need to own a domain name. You can purchase a domain name from HyperStreet or use a domain name that you have purchased elsewhere. You will need to purchase the website builder on a Monthly or Yearly billing term. All website builder purchases are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk to you. Sign up for the FREE Website Builder Trial Here.
How do I build /make my own website for my business
The answer to that question depands on how much time you want to invest in your project and what your goal is for your website. Hyperstreet.com specializes in multiple options for website building. If you are looking for a quick, very turnkey solution that requires very little maintenance then our Easy Website Builder is a excellent solution. If you have a more elaborate design project in mind and would like more design control then our Web Presence Builder will certainly meet this need.
Online Help Resources for our Easy Website Builder
In addition to this Common Questions page, we also suggest you watch the various Help Videos. Help Movies are provided so you can see how to use the features of the easy website builder application. From Inside the Text Page Editor, you can also click on the Help icon, it looks like a purple book with a yellow question mark on it . Once you click on that, a pop-up window will appear with Help Contents sorted into categories on the left side of the pop-up window to help you in getting started using the features of the Text Page Editor. In addition to those resources, you can also download and print a User Manual here.
What is included in your website builder purchase:
BOTH Website Builder Packages Include: Unlimited use of the online site builder application. Reliable Website hosting. 50 matching email accounts - you@yourdomain.com. Detailed Website visitor statistics. Live and online support . (Note: Domain name registration is not included) .
Easy Website Builder - Selecting a Template
When you first login to the Site Builder you will be presented with options for the overall website design. They are broken into several categories, You can change the template for your website as often as you wish. To change your website template selection, click on > Change Edit template > Choose another template. From within each category, the most recently added template options are located on the higher numbered pages on the drop-down list. The newer templates are designed to stretch the width of larger monitors that run at higher resolution settings. The older templates are best viewed at 800x600 resolution and will not fill the entire screen at higher resolution settings, leaving a vertical colored area on the right side of larger screens. You can change your template selection "on-the-fly" and re-publish your existing content using a new template, without having to start over. This way you can easily try many different styles until you find one that you like the best. .
Web Presence Builder - Selecting a Template
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Sub-Navigation - Easy Website Builder

To use the sub navigation feature, within the website builder application, check the box at the bottom of the Page Manager to activate the sub navigation menu and to view the horizontal bi-directional arrows. Then you are able to create sub pages of the proceeding page. Only one level of sub navigation can be created.

Incorporating Logo/Replacing Main Image - Easy Website Builder

To change the default Main image in your template, you have three options. From your website manager, click on "Change Edit Template" and then "Change Image" which will show you a drop down box of options. "Select from Gallery" will bring up a page of other stock images that are available for you to use in this template. "Use your own image" allows you to upload your image.

  • Using your own images: Simple option After selecting Simple option in the "change image" drop down, choose which page you would like to apply your image to (home page or inner page) Then paying close attention to the specified image dimensions, you will want to check that your image matches this before using the "Browse" and upload button. If you attempt to upload something that is to large or small, the editor will alert you of this. Every template will vary in the image size that is allowed. Once you have uploaded your image, and you can see it on the screen you will click the "next" button. This next page will give you different options for applying "effects" to images. If you prefer to have no effects, select the unedited image. You can do a "Preview" of how it will look, or "edit" if you want to change it again. Once satisfied with the image you would select "Submit changes".
  • Using your own Images: Advanced option This is for users who have experience using advanced image editing programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, and Paint.net. After selecting Advanced option in the "change image" drop down, choose which page you want to apply your image to (home page or inner page) You will see a page that shows you the image you are replacing and a option to "download the background image". You will want to download and open this background image in your image editor. This image will show you the exact space available and you are able "layer" or place your picture or logo directly on top. You can re-size your image to fit perfectly on this background to give a seamless look in your template. Then you would save this new image and return to the editor and "Browse" and "Upload" your newly edited image. Once satisfied with the result you would "Save your changes".
"Welcome Page Option" - Easy Website Builder
A Welcome page has a unique design allowing for greater customization from the Home page and other interior pages of your web site. A Welcome page generally is more limited on the amount of page navigation buttons, images and text that can be shown due to the special nature of it's design. Think of it as a "Intro page", not one of your main pages. If you try to add to much text or images to a Welcome page you may "break" the template, causing distortion on your page. The green outline that is on the page indicates how tall/wide the column is and how much you can insert into it.

Having a Welcome page is optional and you should consider the limitations of the design while building your website.

Inserting Pictures into Text Pages - Easy Website Builder

From the Text Page editor tool bar, click on the Insert button, it will give you option to "insert" several things ie: files, images etc. Click on Image. A box now will pop up with a Browse option. (If no pop-up window is seen, turn off your web browser's pop-up blocker and try again.) Use the Browse feature to locate the image stored on your computer that you want to upload. Once located click on "Upload". Once this image is uploaded into the builder the screen will show all the files and images currently in the builder. Locate your image and click the "Edit" button to the right of the image name. You will now see the image properties (sizing, alignment etc) If you don't have any edits to make on this image, you can just click "Insert" and the image will pop into the page you were working on. If you do want to apply advanced editing, then you would need to click "advanced properties" and this will allow you to set the sizing, alignment, spacing etc. of the image. Once you are satisfied, click "Insert"..

Login Problems / Lost Password

The password you are assigned for the website builder is CaSe SeNsiTive - Make sure your CAPS LOCK is OFF if you are typing the password into the space provided. If you have lost or forgotten your password, we can retrieve it for you here: Lost Password

If you get a message "Sorry! Direct access to this page is not allowed!" when trying to login to the website builder, or, once you log in, large portions of the website builder pages are not visible or do not appear to function properly, you will need to make some changes to your computer's settings. In these cases, please go to the Control Panel on your computer and view your Internet Options. Change your Security, Privacy and Advanced Tabs to the Normal or "Default" settings. Then open a new web browser window on your computer and login to the website builder in that new window.

In the vast majority of cases, this is all you will need to do. However, if you continue to have problems and you are using Internet Explorer, you may require a critical update for your web browser. You can have Microsoft scan your computer and list any available free updates here: http://www.windowsupdate.com. After you download any of the Microsoft suggested updates, you will need to re-start your computer before they will start working.